I graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and taught school for 8 years.  Our family moved to Brownwood so my husband and I could set up his private practice in dermatology where I was the office manager for a couple of years.  Once the kids got to high school I took what I thought was a part time job being the secretary to the athletic director.  That part time job turned in to a full time job where I stayed for 14 years until the coach left.  So in 2010 I decided to partner with Dad in it the insurance and financial plan business.


Dad has been in the insurance business for over 60 years and had asked me several times to come join him but I never felt like I had the time as long as the kids were at home but now was the time.    So I got my license and have never regretted the decision.  I have gone to “insurance school” and received my Life Underwriters Training Council Fellow designation which consists of several classes in life insurance, estate planning LTC, etc.  I am now in the process of getting my Retired Income Certified Professional designation which consists of several classes just dealing with retirement planning including social security.  I present seminars on retirement planning.


There are so many options, so many changes, and so many risks that go along with retirement planning.  We are always taking continuing education classes not only because it is the law, but it is our professional obligation.  We are surrounded by very successful mentors including Forward Strategies which is our Independent Marketing Organization.  They keep up with the many different products that are out there so we can customize your retirement plan.  We have a network of professionals that work with us including attorneys and CPA’s.


I plan to continue the long term relationship my dad has established with both his existing clients as well as new clients and I am committed to assisting our clients in every way possible.



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